Band Municipal


Foundation– The precise date of the foundation is unknown, nor from when it came to be known by this name.

Documents show that already in the third quarter of the 19th century there existed a band in the Parish of Ribeira Brava.

The first bands of Madeira emerged as a way to guide the youth. They constituted a link of cultural connection between several neighbors. After the triumph of liberalism, military service became mandatory for young men. Many sought to emigrate as a way to escape that service in which they were going through certain deprivations. However, some boys joined the first bands that were founded because they wanted to have a more relieved troop. In the case of the band that was founded in Ribeira Brava on the initiative of Franciscan parish priest Manuel Sousa, the touching members paid a quota whose sum would be given to them when they entered the military service.
The first Ribeira Brava Band appeared between 1870 and 1874. The first news, related to a performance, dates from April 1875. It was said that a band of music was played in Ribeira Brava, which already played with new and good instruments. However, his deed of society was not drafted until 1877. This deed, according to a note in the margin of the document, was distracted on June 6, 1888.

 At present this Collectivity is constituted by 25 elements and by 15 apprentices of the county of Ribeira Brava. Banda rehearses every Wednesday and Friday at the respective headquarters, located in the center of the village. Its main activities go through performances in the respective festivals of the county and some outside the county. As an act out of the island he has a performance in Leiria in 1998 and one on the island of S. Miguel in the Azores in 2000 and will soon be performing in Venezuela, demonstrating the work he has been doing together with the teacher Alberto Cláudio Sousa Barros.


Address: Rua de São Bento, Antiga Escola Primária
Postal Code: 9350-226 Ribeira Brava
Contact: 965695389








The Bandas festival was born in Ribeira Brava in 1983 and had as its main objective to bring together these institutions of Madeiran popular culture, not with the spirit of competition, but to provide the public with unforgettable moments of music and, at the same time, among them, to fraternize some with the others.