Sports Institutions


Modern and endowed with high quality equipment, the Madeira Sports Center, located in the Ribeira Brava valley, north of the access node to the highway, stretches along about 60 thousand square meters in the throat of the Valley, between the expressway and the bed of the river.
Around the main field, that is, in the stadium, there is an athletics track with eight aisles, prepared for all the variants of this modality, namely the jump to the stick, in length and height, as well as the throwing of the weight of the disc , The hammer and the dart, as well as the running variants.


Swimming is an activity that can be practiced by everyone – from children (with the vigilance of their parents or an adult) to older individuals. We can all swim. Competition sport is also an activity often advised by doctors to solve posture problems, namely. Enjoy, sport is essential for a healthy life!



The Clube Desportivo Ribeira Brava is a Portuguese club, located in the village of Brava Brava, in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. The club has as motto “Forming athletes, but above all forming Men for the Future”.

The Sports Club of Ribeira Brava was founded in 1938, being officially registered and published its statutes, as a public utility in 1961.


Ginásio Bravagym, located on the 1st floor of the Ribeira Brava swimming pool complex, opened on December 12, 2008. When we idealized opening the gym in Ribeira Brava, our main objective was to create a different, unique and welcoming space in the Municipality , Aimed at the health and well-being of customers, taking into account their needs, preferences and possibilities. We hope that the services we have will meet the expectations of our clients so that everyone can have more health and well-being.


The fundamental values ??of Judo are:
Friendship | Self-control | Courage | Courtesy | Honor | Modesty | Sincerity | Respect. Judo is a martial art sport. He was raised in Japan in 1882 by physical education teacher Jigoro Kano. In creating this martial art, Kano aimed to create a technique of self-defense, in addition to developing the physical, spirit and mind.


The Artistic Skating Section of the Ribeira Brava Sports Club has 25 federated athletes between the ages of 6 and 12. Athletes are divided into two learning groups, depending on their level of skating and goals.

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