Investor’s Office


In the municipality of Ribeira Brava the area of ​​entrepreneurship and investment is taken very seriously. Thus, investor can count on a personalized accompaniment and promoter of the investment. The creation of the Investor Support Office aims to facilitate the process of implementing your business in the county. We can guide you to the existing investment incentives in our municipality. We also have strategies that can help you in the preparation of your business plan, in the creation of your company and in the orientation for applying for available grants. We firmly affirm that you can rely on our know-how to guide you towards success.



The municipality of Ribeira Brava adds three fundamental areas that support its economy. They are agriculture, trade, services and restoration as well as the technological branch. In this regard, we have measures to encourage their development and innovation in these sectors. Nonetheless, we want to say in terms of innovation, so opening up to investments in other sectors is also assumed, because we believe in people and their ideas.

In this context, we believe that there is an area that can and should be stimulated, given the natural, geographical and climatic characteristics of the county. We are talking about Tourism. Thus, the creation of more hotel units, of local accommodation, among other infrastructures or mechanisms of empowerment of the tourism sector is one of our priorities. As such, we did a survey of Urban Rehabilitation Areas that could represent opportunities for investment.

In addition, it is the intention of the Municipality of Ribeira Brava to promote entrepreneurship, based on a personalized and close relationship with investors. Thus, we created the investor support office. A space with professionals able to facilitate the development of your projects and help you to benefit from the best that our municipality has to offer.

As instruments for promoting investment, we have developed the Tax and Revenue Regulation, which includes a set of measures to stimulate investment in this municipality with unique conditions in the region. We have also been betting on the cultural and sports agenda, in order to create activities that attract more visitors, as we recognize that people are the center of development, in any area or region.

It is our intention to merit your trust, we want to cherish and help to boost your projects. Trust us to grow together!



Privileged location: The municipality of Ribeira Brava is located about 15 minutes from the main city of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and about 30 minutes from its airport. In addition, it is located in a central point of the island, serving as an interface with the East, West and the North of Madeira Island.

Unique landscape and natural features: in our town it is possible to enjoy vertiginous landscapes that connect the sea with the mountains. These characteristics allow the development of leisure, tourism, sports and cultural activities. We have one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe, besides some ex-libris such as Encumeada, Fajã dos Padres or Calhau da Lapa, not to mention our mountain ranges with natural heritage of choice.

Infrastructures and spaces oriented to the investment: Ribeira Brava offers several potential for investment, in the areas of urban rehabilitation available in the county, as well as in spaces suitable for the development of business ideas, such as the investor support office or the incubator of companies to work in our municipality, the Start-Up Madeira.