The county of Ribeira Brava, with an area of 65 km2, is formed by four parishes; Campanário, Ribeira Brava, Serra de Água and Tabua;

It has a temperate Mediterranean climate, with summers averaging 27 ° C and mild winters, around 16 ° C.

As for the relief, this one presents / displays quite rugged, dominated by deep valleys and with abrupt differences. The highest points are Pico Grande and Pico do Cerco, respectively 1,675 and 1,586 meters.


Ribeira Brava – Being one of the oldest places in the region, this parish was taken over as an axis connecting the north and west part of the island. It was initially provided by a small port that made the freight connections to Funchal.Know more about parish here

Campánario – This parish is characterized by being very populous. An islander, in the sea, has the shape of a church steeple and would have been the one to name that locality. There came to be a modest landing dock here. Know more about parish here

Serra de Água – This parish was donated by sesmarias to one of the descendants of Zarco: Helena Gonçalves. This locality was, for many years, abundant in woods, unlike the localities riverside. Know more about parish here

Tabua – This is the least populated parish of the county. At first, it belonged to the municipality of Ponta de Sol, later moving within the boundaries of the county Bragança. Know more about parish here

Administrative limits of the parishes of Ribeira Brava