The Council for the Prevention of Corruption (CPC), created by Law 54/2008 on 4th of September, is an independent administrative entity, operating at the Court of Auditors, and conducts a national activity in the field of prevention Corruption and related offenses.

As part of its activity, the CPC adopted a Recommendation on 1 July 2009 on “Risk management plans for corruption and related offenses”, under which the maximum organs of the entities managing money, assets or assets Public, whatever their nature, must, within 90 days, draw up risk management plans and related offenses.

Such plans shall contain, in particular, the following elements:

a) Identification, for each area or department, of the risks of corruption and related offenses;

b) Based on the identification of risks, identification of measures taken to prevent them (e.g. internal control mechanisms, segregation of duties, prior definition of general and abstract criteria, in particular with the provision of public benefits and the use of external expertise, appointment of different selection boards for each competition, programming of appropriate training actions, etc.);

c) Definition and identification of the various persons involved in the management of the plan, under the direction of the highest governing body;

d) Annual preparation of a report on the implementation of the plan.

The Municipality of Ribeira Brava presents its Initial Plan for the Prevention of Risks of Corruption Management and Related Offenses.